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GTAF series arc fault circuit breaker
GTAF series arc fault breakers can completely replace the single pole (1P+N) or 2P 230V (200V to 240V), 32A and the remaining current circuit breaker (RCD) with over current protection functions. It realizes all-around protection for overcurrent, leakage and fault arcs. Through LED display operation state and once implemented protection, wireless networking and power management functions can be easily realized.
GTM1 series of plastic shell circuit breakers
GTM1 series plastic case circuit breaker is one of the new circuit breakers developed and developed by the international advanced design and manufacturing technology. Its rated insulation voltage is 800V (GTM1-63 500V). It is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage 400V and below, not frequent conversion of rated working current to 1600A and infrequent starting of motor.
GTQ7 series dual power automatic switching switch
GTQ7 series dual power automatic conversion switch (PC level) has more secure mechanical and electrical double interlocking functions, the highest use of category AC-33A, service life up to 30000 times.With excitation drive and 50ms instant conversion, the product has 40 functions of intelligent control, and a full series of modular designs are designed to achieve quick replacement.It is widely used in power supply automatic switchover of primary and two levels of important loads, fire loads, ...

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